Jurassic Land
The Montclair Learning Center
Chatham (location info)
Tuesday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
04/23/19 - 05/28/19 (6 weeks)

Let’s travel back millions of years ago to the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and learn all about dinosaurs! We will learn about the different types of dinosaurs (their differences and similarities), their eating habits, and their habitats. We will explore earth science to understand how earth has changed from the dinosaur days to today through shifting of lands or earthquakes and begin to understand why dinosaurs are now extinct. We will become paleontologists as we use our tools to dig up and identify the fossils and bones that were left behind. Finally, we will build own dinosaur out of everyday items.

Appropriate for Ages: 3-5 , Kindergarten
Tuition: $175.00

Upcoming Meetings
04/23/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 04/23/19 3:15 PM
04/30/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 04/30/19 3:15 PM
05/07/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 05/07/19 3:15 PM
05/14/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 05/14/19 3:15 PM
05/21/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 05/21/19 3:15 PM
05/28/19    3:15 PM Tuesday 05/28/19 3:15 PM