Karate for Little Ninjas
Blue Life Karate
Short Hills (location info)
Thursday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
01/17/19 - 03/07/19 (7 weeks)


Does your child want to train to become a Little Ninja? Our Little Ninjas will develop their skills of concentration, perseverance, discipline, coordination, agility, control, and flexibility all while learning the sport of karate. This non-competitive sport manages stress through breathing, body awareness, and focus. Participants will be able to move up in ranks (colored belts) based on their effort and progress. Through practice, students will demonstrate how creatively they can apply their well-honed skills. Their motivation, self-confidence, and desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle is sure to grow as students learn the many elements of karate and discover all of the benefits of this time honored sport.

Appropriate for Ages: 3-5
Tuiton: $195.00

Upcoming Meetings
01/24/19    3:15 PM Thursday 01/24/19 3:15 PM
01/31/19    3:15 PM Thursday 01/31/19 3:15 PM
02/07/19    3:15 PM Thursday 02/07/19 3:15 PM
02/14/19    3:15 PM Thursday 02/14/19 3:15 PM
02/21/19    <None> Thursday (Winter Recess) 02/21/19
(Winter Recess)
02/28/19    3:15 PM Thursday 02/28/19 3:15 PM
03/07/19    3:15 PM Thursday 03/07/19 3:15 PM